Point to Multi Point 4.9 GHz Equipment

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My apologies in advance if this topic has been discussed previously.

We have deployed quite a few wireless video surveillance networks for public safety entities and have taken advantage of the 50 MHz of 4.9 GHz spectrum available to these entities. The majority of the implementations have used the Alvarion 4.9 GHz P2MP BreezeACCESS VL system. The hardware has proven reliable. When compared to Canopy, the Alvarion system clearly has its own advantages as well as its own disadvantages.

I am sitting here scratching my head trying to figure out why MOTO has not developed the proven Canopy product and made it available in the 4.9 GHz band. Our recent experiences with Alvarion Technical Support have left a bad taste in my mouth regarding the continued use of their product. I have always been a proponent of the Canopy system for apparent reasons. I would love to locate another 4.9 GHz product available in a P2MP architecture, and find it very strange that MOTO has not made Canopy available in this band.

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I know we have spoke of this before openly and in PM.

I have also deployed the BreezeAccess from Alvarion in the 4900PS band. You are right, it is a great product but tech support is, meh.

I’ve also used Airaya 4900PS product, and their tech support is good, but there are some inherent flaws with their firmware that have yet to be resolved…at least last I checked about 5 months ago. I pointed these flaws out back in I think…late 2005-early 2006. No resolution as of about 5 months ago.

Motorola’s offering in the 4.9 band is their Orthagon product but it is only PTP.

I think their only PTMP so to speak, is really only in mesh right now…

I wish they would stop mucking around in the unlicensed bands and spend some more R&D time on the 4.9GHz band, because if they simply took their Canopy product and went with a 4.9GHz radio the system would rock even more than Alvarions. The whole idea of timing the frames would resolve most of the issues I see in city-wide deployments which is frequency reuse. I think to really deploy a wireless network properly, you need the whole cellular-type architecture so that you are not mashing yourself apart.

Alvarions 4.9 will blow most every other 4.9 product out of the water, period. You wont get better, sorry to say this in a moto forum, but its just the facts.

If you set up a care site support account, alvarions support is great, they will take you acc files and study them, then work with you to perfect it. Motorola just doesnt do that, Tranzeos support is awesome, if only their product were reliable.

problem with the 4.9 band is its meant for govermental (mostly first responder) use.

problem with the 4.9 band is its meant for govermental (mostly first responder) use.

Correct, but one would think that since MOTO is the driving force behind public safety communications that they would leverage this experience and proven expertise and reliability into their Canopy product in the 4.9 GHz band.

still wouldnt do us any good as we are a profit business. not gov’t.

amd phreak, who do you contact for support of your Alvarion product?

VLAN1 wrote:
still wouldnt do us any good as we are a profit business. not gov't.

Man, the guidelines for that are so vague, that if one of your customers is a public entity you can probably qualify
msmith wrote:
amd phreak, who do you contact for support of your Alvarion product?

It used to be some pre-post sales engineering guy, but Alvarion changes employees more often than some people change their underpants so I haven't the foggiest who our contact is anymore. A few times I was instructed to call tech support which got me to some guy with a non-continental-USA accent.

Yes, I receive good support from an Application Engineer out of western Pennsylvania. I also receive good support from the NorthEast Sales Manager who is trained on the Alvarion product.

I have an SU failure, an ODU failure, then had issues with a flakey AC power supply for a chassis, all within one month, all on the same system.


That can hurt, especially if you are doing any kind of RoIP over the links.

It is all video surveillance.

Alvarion care tickets are free if you have made any purchase within the last 90 days

When Alvarion asks you for a serial number, the 90 day threshold date they look at is based on the invoice date that Alvarion sold the product to a distrubutor.

So, since Alvarion does not sell direct, they could sell an SU to a distributor that I end up buying from the distributor. That SU may have sat on the distributor’s shelf for 6 months before they sold it to me.

they dont hold it to that stict a number, theyll just ask you who the distro was, they will only make issue if its something they sold the distro 2 years ago. and tehy even count refurbished equipment