Point to Point v3000 60Ghz

Hello, can someone tell me how to configure the model V3000 60 ghz step by step, no entiendo muy bien los conceptos de Cn y DN, cual poner en cada sitio.thanks

Can you refer to this link below and see if it helps.

Hy yonghaolin, thanks for answering.
I have followed the steps in the video to create the point to point. First I create site A with DN and POP and then site B with CN (pop NO) but when I add the link it connects well but the link appears the other way around. B ----> A. Why?

Node A and Node B gets selected based on lexicographic order of the names, there is no other significance. I understand this causes confusion. We will work on improving this.

Hello Kiran Avva, good day and thank you very much for answering.

Now I need to configure the wireless section as well as security, channels, polarity … where I can find an example or tutorial of this model, thanks

Answering about security

Wireless Security and Authentication in cnWave 60 GHz has details about security. Please use official Release 1.0.1 available @ https://support.cambiumnetworks.com/files/60ghz-cnwave/

Page 132 in user guide has description on channels and polarity. When manually changing channels/polarity please modify on leaf nodes first and then higher up on DNs.

Chapter 4 System Planning → Network Design Consideration has useful information.

Please feel free to ask any specific questions.

Hello, is there a way to analyze the 60 ghz spectrum with the V3000 to know if it is clear of interference in my area? Thank you