Port Forwarding


   My wireless ISP supplied the Cambium R201P. This has been working flawlessley for over 12 months. About 2 weeks ago I started to get a strict NAT type when trying to play Call of Duty Infinite warefare. I have done everything I can think of to try and work around this.

I have assigned a fixed IP for my PC and port forwarded all of the ports listed that Call of Duty for PC uses and yet I still get a strict NAT type. I removed all port forwarding and added my PC's IP to the DMZ and yet I still get a strict NAT. I have sttached a screen shot of how my port forwarding is now set up (DMZ removed). Can someone please let me know if I have done this correctly?

I have run port scans using various websites and all ports I check come up blocked. Just not sure if I have done something incorrectly or my ISP has all of a sudden blocked a heap of ports. ( I have removed the last part of the IP)

Thanks in advance.


Please provide below information of R201.

  1. Firmware details( Please send Screen capture of status UI page).
  2. DUT configuration ( Download configuration from administration >management page). 




     Here is the firmware. Not sure what DUT is and I cannot find that on the admin - management page.

Thanks Brian


We checked with the same firmware whichever you are using, port forwarding is working fine with it. Also please check with ISP also.

Can you please download the device config file and send it. Follow the screenshot for downloading config file.



How did you go with this as im having issues with COD WW2 and cant find any fixes?


Hi, My wireless ISP installed firewalls at their distribution points and ports are blocked there. Port forwarding on my LAN does nothing. I can get around it with a VPN but haven't found one where the ping in game doesn't go through the roof.