Port VID MAC Address Mapping

Not working configuration all devices from a specific vendor with an OUI of 00-95-5b
I used 3 device with mac address
1. 00-01-a8-05-56-b7
2. 00-01-a8-06-30-b7
3. 00-01-a8-07-43-b7
If configure Port VID MAC Address Mapping 00-01-a8-ff-ff-ff device not working
If i configure Port VID MAC Address Mapping used it is 3 mac address - all working.

Why adjustment with 00-01-a8-ff-ff-ff does not work

Unless I am mistaken 00-01-a8-ff-ff-ff is a 100% valid MAC address

But in manual release notes 10.3.1 on page 35

You may use wildcards
for the non-OUI (Organizationally Unique Identifier) portion of the MAC address, which is the last
3 bytes. MAC addresses contain 6 bytes, the first 3 of which are the OUI of the vendor that
manufactured the device and the last 3 are unique to that vendor OUI. If you want to cover all
devices from a known vendor’s OUI, you would specify 0xFF for the remaining 3 bytes. So, for
example, if you wanted all devices from a specific vendor with an OUI of 00-95-5b (which is a
Netgear OUI) to be on the same VID of 800, you would specify an entry with MAC address 00-95-
5b-ff-ff-ff. Then, any device underneath of the SM with MAC addresses starting with 00-95-5b will
be put on VLAN 800.

My mac address- 00-01-a8 - it is vendor.


Decided to give this a try on 10.5 - looks like it still doesn’t work.

Also, on that topic, the way Prizm pushes this value is broken (at least in 3.3.9). “00-10-99-31-3d-08” in a configuration template shows up on the SM as “30-30-2d-31-30-2d”. In Prizm’s configuration history it shows the value as going from the set “00-10-99-31-3d-08” to “00-10-”. Nothing works, as expected.

When I put “00-10-99-31-3d-08” into the SM and reboot it, Prizm discovers the new value as “00:10:99:31:3d:08”. But when I try to give Prizm a value with colons it complains that the formatting is invalid. WTH?