Portability between Linkplanner and cnMaestro?

Is their any movement on the ability to export say cnMaestro sites and clients and sectors and be able to import them into linkplanner. 

sites/sectors would not be done often, but i can see people wanting to export the clients locations/connected sectors to do analysis in linkplanner often.

We do have long term plans to improve the integration between cnMaestro and LINKPlanner. We will look into whether there is more we can do in the interim to allow an export out of cnMaestro.




I know this is a year-old thread, but with the new version of Linkplaner just out, I was wondering the same thing. I was looking to see if there was a place in LinkPlanner where I could enter our cnMaestro credentials, and then quickly import all the Networks/Towers/AP's/SM's into LinkPlanner.

I haven't used LinkPlanner much (I'm still using RadioMobile mostly) so is this possible with LinkPlanner & cnMaestro?


Unfortunately this feature isn't available today.