Possible BUG in 3.5.1 IP Address ending in .255


I have found a possible bug in ePMP 3.5.1, it is possible to insert a address like even if netmask is

Furthermore, if you mistype an address higher than 255 (e.g you type 263) it will be converted to 255 without notification. I think it's better leave the wrong address with a big red error!


I'm not sure I would call that a bug... that could be a valid IP address, if the mask was different. If it will allow something like with a netmask of, that's really no different. While I agree that it would be nice to have some checking that would only allow valid IP addresses, I don't think it's really a very important feature.

Ok I understand that it can be difficult to check if .255 is a valid address (even if in this moment i do not remember  a case when it is valid) but the main problem in my opinion is the "autocorrection" made by the field: you could input a bad address and you may not notice it because it became .255 and no warning about this.


Thank you for your input.
We will take a look into this.
Will try to improve usability for IP address and Netmask entering .

Thank you. and would be valid host ip in a /23 prefix, first host. last host.   of course, it would scale up from there. it's not commonly used, but .255 and .0 can a valid host with the correct subnet.

Sorry but I probabily was wrong with the title of the post, my report wanted to be more about the fact that the address if typed wrong is changed without warning rather than .255 is wrong with a smaller than /23 netmask