Possible causes for a register status “6” on force 200

Hello, I have two force 200 installed in the same tower with a distance of 1m from each other pointing in different directions.

They are connecting two links between 5 and 6 km each, The one I that I’ve just settled up is getting very nice throughput and it is registered but the other one that used to be there for a while it was getting very bad performance and los throughput, was never able to get more than 30mbps on the uplink.

After I have installed the new set of antennas for the secondary link, suddenly I have lost connection from the main link which is the one with bad performance.

When I check the wireless monitor is telling me that the AP meets the register criteria but then after a while I get a registration status “6” with the message “capacity is zero”

Please let me know what can be causing this issue and how can I troubleshoot so I can go in the right direction.

Thanks in advance.

Are you using TDD PTP or ePTP mode?  For multiple stations you need TDD (or Wifi but that's gross).