Possible causes for sync over power failure 3000ap

Packetflux Sync Injector doing CMM5

4 x 3000 AP’s all 4 plugged into a packetflux sync injector and set to CMM5 sync source. Working fine for a couple of years now.

Suddenly one loses sync.

Even though we do not use onboard Sync normally I still install the pucks for just this kind of occasion. So I change it over to onboard GPS until I can get onsite and figure what is up with the sync over power.

Of course just 2 days later… it claims it can no longer see a single sat and GPS fails… again. Now I’m forced to go out and see if I can figure out what the problem with sync over power is.

4 x 3000AP’s plugged into the same 4 port packetlfux sync injector. I’ll call the one that is failing 3k#2. First I just power cycle 3k#2 but still after being up for almost 5 minutes no sync when set to CMM5 (however I notice it can suddenly see ALLllll the Sats again… I hate ePMP’s onboard sync soooooo much). So I remove a working 3k from the Syncinjector and I plug 3k#2 into the port working 3k was using and plug working 3k into the port not working 3k#2 was using. Working 3k is receiving sync set to CMM5 and not working 3k#2 is still not getting sync when set to CMM5.

Edit: oh and I removed all surge protection between the syncinjector and 3k#2 so the only thing between 3k#2 and the SyncInjector was 180ft of cable.

So I think I confirmed the SyncInjector isn’t the problem. The radio has Gigabit ethernet connection so I’m inclined to believe the Cat cables/ends/connections are good.

Could it still be the cable ? I really really don’t want to change out the 3k radio as it is mounted on the back of a dual sector Alpha Wireless and it’s a real pain (you have to remove both AP’s and thus disconnect 8 very short, easy to damage and hard to work with pigtails to change just one radio out) so anyone else ever see this and the otherwise seemingly perfect cable was the problem ?

swap cables between the APs, if the problem persists on the same AP then its the AP, if it follows the AP its either the cable or the packetflux.
NOTE: the packetflux can have sync over power issues if you are pulling near full capacity power on one sync injector (card or standalone box is the same). I had to add a second synce injector to offload power to keep sync once I upgraded the whole tower to e3k.

as for onboard GPS issues, I found that a loose or over tight puck connection can do odd things, finger tight and nothing more. 4.6.1 is generally stable but there is known issues with the GPS communications for the web GUI, use the command line to check GPS status if noting is on the GUI.Also the holdoff timer needs to be at least 3600 for some reason.

on another note, is shaping up to be very stable and have almost all of my network on it now with the rest scheduled to be upgraded tomorrow morning (yeah night shift cause someone called out)

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