Possible to mesh R201 to ePMP 1000 Hotspot

Is this possible or do I need to wire the first AP and then mesh?




Yes you can configure the R201 in Repeater Mode, and then connect the ePMP1000-Hotspot.

This works in a way similar to the mesh feature on the E-series devices.



I haven't been able to get this to mesh.  I configured the 5 GHz radio in the R201 for repeater and configered the 5 GHz radio in an E500 as a client and they don't seem to connect.  I have used mesh between E400, E500, and Hotspot but I cannot get this to work.


Hi Steve,

According to your last reply, you are trying to form mesh link between R201 and ePMP1000. Also you are trying to form mesh link betweeen E500 and ePMP1000. But both doesn't work for you. am i correct?

We tried in our lab setup, mesh link between R201 and ePMP1000 works fine.

You have to configure ePMP1000 wlan as "Base" and R201 in "Repeater" mode. Try connecting R201 to base ssid in "Repeater" tab.

Attached screenshot of ePMP1000 wlan config.

If you still face the issue. Please tell the R201 firmware and your topology.

Send the R201 and ePMP1000 config file. 

Well actually I am using the R-201 as an office router and I would like to have it mesh to an ePMP 1000 Hotspot that is outside in the yard.  So it seems that I need to keep the R-201 as the base and the Hotspot as a client. 


Till now , We have not tested this deployment scenarios. Will test this deployment scenario internally. I will revert back with result and configuration.

Please see  the working deployment scenarios N/W diagram.

Internet <-->ePMP-1000/E500(As Base) <---->(Non WDS Repeater Client)R201/200(NAT or Bridge) <--> LAN Side Client PC