Post Elevate dhcp client mac address problem

Having upgraded our first nano (Nano M5 running XM-5.6.3) and put it into NAT mode, the unit requests a dhcp lease from MAC 02:FF:FF:FF:FF:FF ( on the 'Separate Wireless Management Interface')

I will be using PPPoE going forward so I would need the mac of the management interface to be unique...

I've been seeing this happen as well. It seems to only affect some hardware, and as far as I can tell, it's pretty much random - some work perfectly normal, and others will consistently show up as 02:FF:FF:FF:FF:FF (and all get the same IP from the DHCP server, because of that)... I'm assuming it's something specific to that particular piece of hardware. So far, I've only seen it happen on XM hardware, so I'm not sure if XW is affected.

Let me know if there's anything I can do to help, as I would like to get this resolved... I could probably even send Cambium an affected radio, if they're having problems reproducing it.

Hi Barry and Mathew, 

Which release are you seeing this on?



I'm seeing this on 3.2.1

I am still seeing it on 3.2.1

For what it's worth, this happened on every XM radio I elevated with 3.2, but it's only happening on about half of them with 3.2.1 - I'm not sure if that's just a coincidence, of if 3.2.1 partially resolved it... I haven't tried upgrading any with the problem from 3.2 to 3.2.1 to see if that changes anything yet.


Sorry for inconveniences.

I would be really appreciate it if you could provide Hardware type of affected devices.

Thank you.

Hi Fedor,

Could you clarify please?

Do you want eg the the hardware type and manufacturing code?

Do you want one of us to send you on a physical unit?

I am sorry, just meant we need to know hardware type to check described issue.

Thank you.

I'm seeing it on NanoBridges and at least one NanoStation.

Thank you.

Issue is under investigation now.

I will keep you updated.

Thank you.

Issue has been reproduced in our Lab.

It will be fixed as soon as possible.

Thank you.

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Could you please check whether MAC addresses on Eth and Wireless interfaces have proper format on affected devices?

Also I would be appreciate if you could confirm every XM unit is affected.

Thank you.

Other MACs on the device look OK.

We are feeling our way into the process so are limiting ourselves to XW units in the hope that the issue can be resolved.

I will try another XM and get back to you.

Yes, the MAC addresses on the Eth and Wireless interfaces appear to have the proper format. I did just notice that they're showing the same MAC address for both ethernet and wireless, but that seems to be the case on units that aren't affected as well.

Not every XM unit is affected - roughly 50% of them work fine.

Thank you for your prompt response.

Please note on Elevate devices difference between Ethernet and Wireless interface is hidden in 4th octet.

Thank you.