Power Code

Hello all,I need a little help.I’m having trouble with bandwidth management and monitoring,I’m completely in the dark here.So I’m not gonna pretend to know what I’m talking about,but I’ve heard of a program called powercode that will do everything I need monitoring,trafficshaping, etc.As well as billing support.Does anyone use this? Pros? Cons?

Any advice is welcome.


We are locked into powercode, if it did what it said, yes, it really does it all. but alas, its very poorly implemented, zero documented, support is sporadic. Give it three months, the new owners are releasing a new implementation (higher billing, better support hopefully) which may get things in order.

If they get it to the point it does what its supposed to, its well worth the investment, in that it will eliminate huge amounts of overhead in man hours maintaining and billing. But right now, I would take your ten foot pole elsewhere.