Power Consumption and the CMM4

I wanted to list a few numbers so folks know what's recommended regarding the 450 platform and CMM4.

Since the change in CMM power supplies, the recommendations have changed slightly.

The CMM4 power supplies recommended are now:

C000000L055A - 30 VDC, 240W (Meanwell part: HLG-240H-30C) 

C000000L054A - 54 VDC, 240W (Meanwell part: HLG-240H-54C)

These are Meanwell power supplies, and their spec sheet can be found here.  

These parts provide up to 240W of available power.

The CMM4 itself consumes 5W, plus 0.5W for every radio connected.  If the EtherWAN switch is being used (in the case of 1090CKHH), this device consumes and additional 12W of power.

The PMP 450 AP has a typical draw of about 12W, and a peak of 15W.  This device requires the 30 VDC power supply.

The PMP 450i AP has a typical draw of about 17W, and a peak of 19W.

In either case, the CMM4 will support up to 8 PMP 450 or 450i radios (or any combination of the two).

As an example calculation:

If I have 8 PMP 450i radios, using the CMM4 with EtherWAN switch (the 1090CKHH), then my total power consumption would be: 

5W (CMM4) + (0.5W * 8 radios) + 12W (EtherWAN switch) + (19W * 8 radios) = 173W 

This would be absolute worst case.  Please post any questions in the forum.  Hope this information is useful.

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