Power cord not provided anymore ?

Our last batch of ePMP 1000 SM integrated and our new batch of ePMP Force 180 didn't have any power cord. Is this normal ? Must we buy power cord separately ?

I just cracked open a fresh ePMP Force 180 box and inside I found a power cord, POE, and mounting clamp. I can also confirm on my last order of Force 110 Units a power cord was also included.

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Check your part #s, we had a recent shipment of ePMP SMs that were actually RoW, not US, and none of them included the AC cord, just the AC/DC brick.  (you can also observe whether it locks to 'US' or to 'Follow AP' for region)


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That what I was thinking after writing the initial post, not provided for RoW unit. Good to know, that should be advertised. I will talk with my providers.