Power Dongle for XD4-240 & XA4-240 problem

Has anyone had any problems with the provided purple power dongles for the XD4-240 - see attached images

We have received a number of them that appear to have been badly crimped when heat shrink applied causing them not to be operational

Have been advised from Riverbed to report via existing RMA process, but this does not seem to be going anywhere...

Any advice as to whom I can contact?



Hi Michelle,

Sorry to hear that you've encountered an issue with these "dongles". If you're familiar with the process of opening a Support Case, my advice would be to do just that and simply mention my name (Kyle Meyer) in order to have the Case assigned to me. At that point we can connect via that Support Case and I will see to it that we get you to a full and proper resolution as quickly as possible. (I will follow up on this posting with the end-result of that Case for Future Readers as well.)

Alternatively, and/or if you have any issues getting a Support Case created (and subsequently assigned to me), please provide me with the Serial Number of one of your Access Points that is currently being affected by this "Dongle Issue" and that should give me enough to go on in order to transition us into a forum more suitable for troubleshooting our way to that full and proper resolution. (I will also follow up on this posting with the end-result of our troubleshooting efforts using this route, with respect to the final resolution, for the sake of Future Readers.)

Thank you,
Kyle Meyer
Staff Engineer, Xirrus Products

Hi Kyle

We have tried to RMA but are not getting a response from Riverbed support - these are the case #'s


I will get my tech guy to have these assigned to you

As we have a lot of these dongles, we are presently checking them all to see if they are faulty. Once I have an outcome of this, I will let you know as well

Thanks Kyle