Power failure

Has anyone ever seen a Canopy that if you plug a power supply into it, the little light on the power supply itself dims? Then, if you leave it plugged in long enough, the power supply will blow. Sometimes the Canopy powers up with the light next to the power light in this situation, other times it does not power up at all. I have had this happen to several BH’s and AP’s after storms. I am trying to decifer if this is caused by a lightning hit or power surge, or what.

Any thoughts would be appreciated…

I saw something like that one time.

This was a new construction install. The contractor insisted on his guys running CAT5 for us. After “his guys” ran the cable in-wall (from where the SM would mount right into their wiring closet) we came back to install.

The SM would not power up through the cable they ran. We did notice that the LED on the power supply dimmed when we plugged it in.

After much trouble shooting, we noticed that one of the drywall screws was out of line with the others near where the CAT5 came out of the wall. The contractor ripped into the wall there and found that the drywall screw had missed the stud and pierced our CAT5 cable.

Fixing that sloved our problems.

I have seen this before. Double check your cat5 cable using a tester to make sure the pairs are ok. Look for shorts or miswires. Also make sure that if you are using shielded cable, that the ground foil or whatever is not shorted to the wires either.

Unfortuately, I have had 2 installers make the mistake of miswiring or hosing up the connector so the foil shorts, costing a total of like 8 power supplies. :oops: :evil: