Power Level vs Distance

What is the average power level vs distance. Currently we are using 900mhz and we are ranging from -88db to -42db. This is like this throughout the county.

Should i be in a certain range?

Strange thing is that we have 2 customers that live side by side. They are about a mile from the tower. One is sitting at -86db 3 jitter and the other one is at -62db with 9 Jitter. Both in 2x.

We try to keep all of our installations between -60 and -70 at the AP. I’ve got some that are lower (as you can’t get everyone in that range) but I don’t do an install if it’s less than -80 on either the SM or AP.

We have most of our SMs under 8 miles, but a handful over 10.

We do not install anything over -72 and strive for better than -70. Our max range is 14 miles on all 900 APs.

Your signal level will be dependant on your noise floor.

I won’t install any 900SM seeing over -82dB/jitter 4/<85% efficiency. I was able to shoot thru a hill about 3 mi. away, with the tower another 4 mi. away, and achieve similar readings just by holding the SM with one hand and using the other hand to work my laptop.

If you’re seeing -86 @ ~1mi. then you’ve got major interference/obstructions or a defective SM. I would try the SM in various locations on the property and at different heights. If it still reports high readings try a different SM.

Balance, balance, balance.

See this post for details: http://motorola.canopywireless.com/support/community/viewtopic.php?t=2827