Power levels on 900 gear w/ 6.1

How does the power setting on the 900 gear with 6.1 software work? On the previous reve it was backwards. Youy would set the db higher and get lower power output. So what are the limits on the db setting and what type of set up should we be running at the AP and SM? Thanks for the help.

i believe the dB setting will not be changed due to the 6.1 upgrade. the dB setting is based on the specific antenna you are using with the radio.

I think “inverted” is upside-down on this. Moto totally changed how the radio’s gain is entered into the Canopy web interface with 6.1.

Here’s the skinny: enter the dB you want canopy to send to the antenna.

IE: In the US, we can output a max of 36dBm, subtract the dB of the antenna you are using, and there’s the number to enter into “Transmitter Output Power” in the web interface.

36 dB - 9 dB (standard canopy intergrated antenna) = 27 dB Transmitter Output Power

I’m using the intergrated 12 dB antenna model, so 36-12=24

Also, if you’re using non-intergrated antennas then you’ll have to factor in lineloss or you won’t be outputting quite as “loud” as you think you are.

check out this previous post for more:

http://motorola.canopywireless.com/comm … .php?t=339

thanks ahull, and i must say… excellent “pun” LoL