Power levels on ap

I have Mostly PMP450 access points and i have been told there is nothing i can do to up power output when we goto cbrs

I have heard the CNmedusa can do the new transmit levels

But what about the pmp450i can it

is there going to be a new access point come out.

My issue is some of our towers can not support the windage on the new medusa they are absolutly Huge. acouple of our leased towers have said absolutely not

So ideas

The power level that a SAS will approve depends on a few things. If there is an Incumbent, ESC, or PAL Protection Area nearby, everybody's power on that frequency is limited to keep the aggregate power under the cap. Otherwise, the SAS only enforces the power level of the Class (A or B) and the Equipment Authorization (which the radio itself should enforce). The 450i is approved for 36W EIRP (~+46) on a 5/10 MHz channel, and 79.8W (~49 dBm) on a 20 MHz channel. (Much less on a 40! This is common.) https://apps.fcc.gov/oetcf/tcb/reports/Tcb731GrantForm.cfm?mode=COPY&RequestTimeout=500&tcb_code=&application_id=S21VXQQZkHc9AUEqEI8CCA%3D%3D&fcc_id=Z8H89FT0028

Contrast to 1W/MHz (+40 on a  20 MHz channel) on Part 90. So CBRS will let you turn up the EIRP, if the antenna gain is high enough. On a sector, it may end up limited by the hardware's capability, +25 dBm conducted, so a 17 dB gain antenna only nets you +42 EIRP.