Power Supply ptp 650 with energy from the power grid and solar system

Hello my name mauro I want to make an inquiry regarding the supply of 650 ptp Let me know if I can supply the equipment with energy from the grid and when it is cut or not present is powered from batteries since I have a solar system to load them. The team will continue to run without producing a reboot of it? I can confirm? Thank you regards

PTP 650 can be used with solar powered battery backed systems which meet the supply voltage requirements of the PTP 650 radio, 42.5V to 60V .

The PTP 650 AC+DC Power Injector allows a simultaneous connection of grid (mains) to the AC inlet and solar/ battery to the DC input. In the event that the grid fails, switchover to the solar/ battery DC input is seamless. PTP 650 will continue to run normally during and after the transition, power now being taken from the AC+DC Power Injector DC input. Restoration of the grid AC input will result in a further seamless transition with power now being taken from the AC+DC Power Injector AC input. Please note that the solar/ battery supply must be constant. Failure of the grid must not cause any interruption in the solar/ battery supply.

Also note that the supply voltage generated by the AC+DC Power Injector AC input is 58 V. If the solar/ battery system supplies more than 58V the solar/ battery system will supply current to the PTP 650.

Use of the AC+DC Power Injector DC feed input is described in the User Guide (phn-3341_009v000) page 2-35, heading ”Ethernet standards and cable lengths”

The power consumption of the PTP 650 will vary with operating mode and cable length. Measuring the current consumption in the intended configuration will allow you to size the solar panels and batteries.

The system must contain an overvoltage disconnect so that the PTP 650 is not exposed to a voltage exceeding its capability (60 V).

The PoE OUTPUT from PTP 650 is not isolated from the DC supply fed to the AC+DC Power Injector. Care must be taken to ensure that no DC loops exist that could allow large currents to pass through PTP 650.

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