Powering cnVision HUB and CLIENTS - Must use PoE Injector?

With some lab testing I found the only way I could power an cnVISION HUB or CLIENT device was just with the included, indoor-rated only PoE injector. Is that the only way to power a cnVision HUB or CLIENT, or can I configure a PoE switch to power it at a certain PoE class to power the devices up?

If there is a specific cnMatrix model with a particular setting that can be used to get away from using the power injector, it would greatly simplify configuration and deployment of the cnVision solution.

I need an answer to this also. The spec says 30V. This is not standard at all. If you must use the included PoE injector only and it is indoor rated, how does this make any sense for a product application intended to be outdoors?

Keep the PoE injector inside NEMA enclosure for such applications.