PPP Issues with 11.1 and 11.2

Hello folks,

I had some troubles with the latests two release of Canopy firmware and i’m wondering if some one else have this issue.
I’m using the SMs as PPPoE client and the AP in trasparent mode.
I had no problems with the 11.0.1 but with the 11.1… the sm keep to reconnect continously every 1-2 minutes.

I’ve sniffed the traffic between the SM and the router (that actually does the role of pppoe server) and i’ve noticed that there are someting strange with keepalives…
With the 11.0.1 the SM answer correctly at the echo requests of the router and the router do the same.
With the 11.1 and 11.2 strangely the SM never answer to the router echo requests so the router think that the connection is dropped and close it all and all start it over and over.
This problem affect only the SM side.

Any advices?

Here there are some screenshots of Wireshark capture of the protocol.

AP 11.1 connected to SM 11.0.1 (no problem here)

AP 11.1 connected to SM 11.1 (The SM stop to answer to echo requests)

AP 11.2 connected to SM 11.2 (The problem still there.)