PPPoE Intermediate Agent

PPPoE Intermediate Agent

When configuration parameter PPPoE Intermediate Agent is enabled, during the PPPoE Discovery phase the AP inserts access loop identification into the PPPoE PADR packets.   This mechanism helps the service provider to distinguish between end hosts connected via Ethernet as an access device (typically, home routers situated below an ePMP subscriber device). 

On the AP, PPPoE Intermediate Agent enables subscriber line identification by tagging Ethernet frames of corresponding users with Vendor Specific PPPoE Tags “Circuit ID” (defining AP name, frame, slot, port, and VLAN ID information) and “Remote ID” (defining user phone number).

Below is a capture of an example Active Discovery Request message (PADR) showing the new fields:

The following SNMP object may be used to configure PPPoE Intermediate Agent:








PPPoE Intermediate Agent

0 – Disable

1 – Enable

Device Allocation: AP