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Greetings from Chile, in firts place I must apology for my bad english :S. Well, in our company we started to make the deployments with ePMP solution but I found some issues with PPPoE and NAT configuratios. Turns out the pppoe conections does connect and disconect inmediatelly. Let me show you more detail:

The following diagram shows the design and configuration network schemma. In one side we see an Mikrotik PPPoE server wich provide internet connections to our costumers. The PPPoE conections are encapsulated into a VLAN (vlan 9) trough the switch conected to it. This switch also connect one AP ePMP 1000. On the other hand we have an ePMP Force 180 working in network mode NAT and WAN connection via PPPoE:

This is the SM configuratios:

 With this configuration we can see in the Mikrotik the session is established but it does disconect inmediatelly:

Log Mikrotik.jpg

This is le SM's system Log:

For we can see, there is a problem with MTU of the interface. We already had modified this values in the SM and the router but the problem still goes on. In addition the devices have been upgrades to the latest version of firmware without succeed.

Is important to mention that in our network we have several Canopy PMP100, PMP430 and PMP450 devices and in those cases PPPoE works perfet.

I appretiate any ideas that may help, I can not install the equipments as long I troubleshoot this issue.

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Su SM esta configurado con IP estatica. Como tiene configurado el servidor PPPoE? Ya que tiene el SM configurado con IP estatica, el servidor PPPoE debe estar configurado para no proveer una IP. El servidor PPPoE no acceptara el IP provisto por el SM durante la negociacion para la coneccion si esta configurado para proveer un IP a la radio.

Aqui encontrara mas informacion al respecto:





Estimado Luis;

Muchas gracias por tu pronta respuesta. Efectivamente ese era el problema, lo cambie para que obtuviera la IP via DHCP y ahora tengo conexion a Internet.

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