PPPoE Issues

I have a problem that is causing me problems and complaints.
I have an EPMP2000 sector with 60SM having strange behavior, some SM clients go without internet, so when checking the PPPoE section is inactive when I go on the Access Point in Monitor \ wireless, some SM are with default IP outside the IP range PPPoE .
I have 60 SM connected in this equipment and when it happens and only with some approx. 20SM random.
No log on the device just a few notifications messages that the smart antenna is disconnected and in a few minutes is connected again.
I kept all SM forced in the Sector Antenna without success
I checked everything ok.
I replaced AP with another EPMP 2000 product and the problem persists.
Any solution?

I'm thinking you have the same problem I do https://community.cambiumnetworks.com/t5/ePMP-2000-and-1000/PPPoE-Problem-has-me-at-my-wits-end/m-p/88578#M13802

From your description it looks like maybe you do not use separate management IPs for your radios so when one of your radios is unable to get a PPPoE connection for whatever reason the radio uses the factory default address. Once the radio gets an IP from the PPPoE server that becomes the address you access the radio with ?

We found that sometimes deregistering the customer radio from the AP causes it to authenticate. 

If you find a solution to this please let me know, we have been struggling with this problem for months now.  If you have an outage that causes the customer radios to not be able to access the PPPoE server for more than a few minutes you find that ALL of your ePMP radios will not get a PPPoE connection when it comes back up.  After much screaming and panicking (it's really fun when over 700 ePMP radios do this at once) we finally figured out that rebooting the access points (effectively deregistering ALL the radios at once) causes "most" of the ePMP radios to get a PPPoE connection when the AP comes back up and they reconnect.

Really though, if you figure this one out let me know. 

downgrade from ap to firmware 3.4.1 that everything is solved

I have the same problem on many APs and it usually occurs for the same clients. Does downgrade of firmware to 3.4.1 really solve this problem?
In fact, the problem appeared a few months ago - we did not have it before.
Can we ask a Cambium technician for a position on this matter?



Supposedly the newest software v3.5.5 fixes the problem of the PPPoE client we were having, though I have not tested it yet :

15328 PPPoE client stops sending PADI packets (fixed in 3.5.5)

In our case, unfortunately, upgrade to 3.5.5. does not solve the problem.
But if the reason is the case of 15328 then the downgrade on the base station up to 3.4.1 will not help either. I think I need to undo the firmware for SM :(

If the problem you are having is the same one we have then I know downgrading the AP to 3.4.1 will not fix it because we are running 3.4.1.  on all the AP's.  The reason we are running 3.4.1 is that 3.5 would cause random customer radios to stop passing data.  This is not the same problem as the "PPPoE stops trying to authenticate". 

However if you, like the original poster here, are not using a separate management interface then I don't know how you would tell the difference between "cant reach the radio because PPPoE didn't auth so there is no IP address"  vs "can't access the radio because it stopped passing any data at all and you wouldn't be able to access it even if it had an IP".

If your problem is actually due to customer radios randomly stops passing any data at all (but still shows as connected to the AP) then downgrading the AP's to 3.4.1 fixed that for us.