I am looking to move over to PPPoE. What server/servers are you guys using for PPPoE?

mikrotiks work great as pppoe servers, just be sure to get a model with enough cpu for the amount of customers you are planning on running off of this one router. we have one router at every site so it is not an issue. but if you were to run say 500 customers off of one mikrotik you would definitely need something like the rb433ah

Curious, does MicroTik use the Linux RP PPPoE Server implementation, or did they write another one? The man page for ‘pppoe-server’ says its not really intended for production use, but a lot of the time software authors don’t give themselves enough credit :wink:

We have one of two Nortel BSN 5000s (Shasta) left in service and are moving towards Redback SmartEdge 400s. A lot of other providers run PPPoE off of Cisco 7200s and the like… dunno if this stuff is within your price or experience range. Shastas and Cisco gear can probably be found on eBay though.

MikroTik, we run RouterOS on a machine we built and it so far, has been flawless…

we use the routerboards built by mikrotik that run RouterOS which is proprietary to mikrotik. not too sure what kind of pppoe server implementation they use but from personal use ive never had a single problem. the boards can be bought with license already installed and an 800mhz processor, 128mb ram,etc. (ie. rb433ah) for $149 and they can run off of PoE or DC Adapter which a wide range of voltages. (ie. 10-28(rb433), 10-56(rb600). very versatile routers

Ah, ok. For some reason I thought they were a Linux derivative.

salad wrote:
Ah, ok. For some reason I thought they were a Linux derivative.

It is. RouterOs is a closed-source Linux based distribution (2.6 kernel).

I’m not using PPPoE, however I know WISPS that use RB1000’s and disk-less servers to terminate hundreds of PPPoE sessions. They all say the same thing - USE GOOD EQUIPMENT.

We have over 2000 customers on two Routerboard 1000 without any problems!