PPS & control slots

2Canopy Support:

Does Canopy’s “packets per second” value depend on number of control slots?
Can I use increased number of control slots to send more little packets or there will be no effect on PPS?

P.S. I’m trying to setup VoIP over Canopy with bandwidth limitations (Sustained Uplink/Downlink Data Rate)

The packets per second mainly depends on the packet size. If you increase the number of control slots you will need to look to see how the up/down data slots are affected. If these are reduced, which most likely will be the case, and then overall throughput will be reduced. With less of a pipe you can push fewer packets per second.

So to answer your question PPS depends on packet size and up/down data slots.

**Understand that there are different “slots” you can configure. The control slot setting is used to reserve contention time for bandwidth request, registration request, keep alive request and small random access data packets.