PPSK support / per-user-PSK

Hi all,

In the past I've used Aerohive AP's that have a "private" pre-shared-key option that allows you to assign a unique PSK to each guest user.  They just tap in the key as they would to join any WPA network, and the key expires at the end of the day.  This avoids having the whole captive portal login process, as the user is authenticated based on the key they enter.  I'm not sure if this is a standards based thing, or just unique to Aerohive.

Does the E400/E500 have something similar?



no, we currently do not support a per-user PSK.

cnMaestro supports a voucher based authentication mode where each user can be assigned a unique login code, but it still requires captive portal be setup on the wlan

Ok, thanks firefly.