PPTP behind a cnPilot?

We have several cnPilot R series products in the field and have noticed that they are not allowing PPTP to connect through the NAT. Example: Our tech installs service and the router, then attempts to VPN to our office from their computer/tablet (needed to access our management system). The VPN fails to connect on their device. We have ensured VPN is disabled and PPTP is enabled in ALG. We have seen this on R200 and R190 routers running several different versions of the firmware. Has anyone been able to connect with PPTP, or experienced these issues?

I am in the process of moving our techs to L2TP over IPSEC for security reasons. This appears to function normally, but would like to address pptp support as I know of a few customers that use that technology for their work VPN connections.

We are having the exact same issue and I just posted a new thread on this.  Have you found a solution on this yet?

Unable to get get PPTP or L2TP to work on R190W

Having the same issue with PPTP, did anyone get it to work?

Any resolution to have a PPTP working on r190v or r201p ?

PPTP or L2TP works fine on R-Series routers .

L2TP or PPTP tunnel can established with L2TP/PPTP server like Mikrotik  server. Once tunnel is established ,CnPilot router is assigned with Virtual IP address from Mikrotik .You should be able to access this Virtual IP address . All the LAN PC or wlan cleints connected to CnPilot router will get IP address  from CnPilot Router (LAN DHCP of CnPilot router). 

IP Addresses of LAN PCs and wlan clients will get NATed to virtual IP address of CnPilot router and reach the back end network of Mikrotik . Please revert for queries . Please ping sandeshkumar.b@cambiumnetworks.com so that I can guide for the configuration