Pre-2.6.2 Force 180 Flash Recovery

Earlier this week I attempted to upgrade a new Force 180 from 2.4.3-R16 to 3.5.2. I walked away while unit was upgrading. Came back several minutes later. Web GUI did not have the "reboot" button in orange. Tried to refresh web GUI. Unit was unreachable. Tried to SSH into unit, no go. Tried to ping unit, nothing. 

I did notice the ethernet port kept resetting like unit was power cycling. 

Eventually removed power, and reaplied power. Unit still unreachable. 

Even though unit was pre-2.6.2, I attempted to recover unit using information from  this topic . As I suspected, it did not work. Is there any other way to recover this unit or should I open a ticket? 

I think you're going to have to open a ticket and RMA this one :-(

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