Predefined wifi key and sticker on cnPilot R190x (example: for WISP residential installations)??

Predefined wifi key and sticker on cnPilot R190x (or in a new models) for residential installations… We are a WISP and we would like to know if in the near future it is thought to put a sticker on the cnPilot R190X (or in a new models) with a Wi-Fi key pre-defined and preconfigured in the router (as in operator equipment)??   This would help us to carry out a faster installation and deployment in residential customers.

We dont want this

We use our own stickers

When a router comes in, our warehouse guys 

1) Put a wall mounting sticker into the box. Its an A4 label sheet with printed citcles the correct distance apart and cut up into stickers so the installer attaches to the wall, and drills the screws through the circles and can mount the router perfectly without needing to measure each time. 

2) 2x  #1 square drive screws for wall mounting  

3) Takes from a page of pre-printed stickers, a wifi password label with our logo and phone number on it. He attaches one to a fridge magnet that gets put into the box  

4) Another sticker of the same ssid/pass is attached to the router, and one with a barcode on it is attached to the outside of the box

5) Then he onboards them into the cambium cloud by using one of our pre-set templates and with the barcode scanner he scans in the ssid and password into the template fields and approves the router. 

When the router is on site with the installer, if the onboarding process doesnt work for any reason, the installer can still connect to the rooftop radio with his laptop via the router inside the house, without having to climb down the ladder to get the wifi password - he knows if the ssid is cambium then the password is 12345678. 

If the wifi password is one of the 50 ssid/password combos on our stickers, his laptop will automatically connect to the router. 

He can also tell the customer to use 12345678 as a temporary password until he can get back to the warehouse and let the guys know its not onboarding. 

If the default cambium password changed from 12345678 that would be very very annoying. 

Our installers are often older ex telephone / data cablers who like processes to be the same and dont have the technical knowledge to troubleshoot why their laptop wont connect to wifi - they just like simple links to click on their screen with passwords pre-saved in the browser etc The reason we use them is their cabling skills are of a far higher quality than a technical person such as myself.