Prepaid Wireless Access ???

Hi everyone

Does anybody knows a solution to this?:

I am wireless internet provider and I want to give my customers a prepaid card with minutes so they can buy this cards, introduce the code number into some webpage and use internet as much as they pay for.

The idea is everybody can connect to my network but when they try to access any webpage they are immediatly redirected to another page where they must enter the code from the prepaid card.

I need it for hotspots. Don’t know how to do it… does anybody knows??
thanks a lot!

I must add, i need to know the configuration on server-side. Based on Linux, is there any software? do I have to use some script? etc…

Google “Nomadix AG 3000”.

this is what i use:

chrisopq wrote:
this is what i use:

How many customers will that hold?

the documentation claims it can support 100 simultaneous users, so far we are just in the testing stage, so weve only used it with about 10 clients…

Im real interested in this equipment. Mind me asking what the ball park MSRP is on this?

well, one of our sister companies is the official distributor for Botswana, so we get Planet equipment in at a discounted price.

This unit set me back CAD$ 1100…(including the thermal voucher printer).

So i think retail price would be bout 5-10% more.


No problem…

Thanks for ur posts
I’ve found another cheaper solution, so i answer myself if someone else needs to implement it.

Well, I just mounted a Linux internet gateway and installed software called NOCAT wich is a captive portal.
Really interesting.

do you have a site for this NOCAT software?

I’m mounting it, i can tell u in some days if it worked for me or not :wink:

take a look here:

You may also have a look at pfSense. It’s a nice firewall with captive portal and it works with a Radius server for authentication. It has pretty impressive features out of the box like CARP (failover), outbound and inbound load balancing on multiple interfaces (you’re limited to No. of your ethernet cards :slight_smile: ), traffic shaper, QoS, plugin architecture so you can add other stuff, etc etc… It’s based on FreeBSD so you can log onto it via ssh and pkg_add anything you need or just stick with the nice webGUI and packages provided.

Take a look at m0n0wall it has everything you want and it is free (open source). You don’t need a radius server.

Please donate to M0n0wall if it works for you

I am not involved with M0n0wall. I just use it and love the product.