Presentation Network

Years ago I came up with this idea for the meeting spaces in my restaurants and bars.

I built a network called “Presentation” using the Guest Pass Feature of the ZoneDirector.

Now unlike the guest network where everyone is isolated from each other… devices on presentation could access anything on that VLAN.

I built it based on using the portal on the Ruckus Zone Director.

The manager of the store would go back to a computer on the back of house network. I had a link on the screen they could click. Which brought them to the ZoneDirector’s log in. Once they gave it THEIR user and password… they were directed to a page that let them “Generate a Password”. From that page they could pick any password they want with more than 8 characters and set it to EXPIRE when ever they wanted. A few clicks and they had an option to print the Guest Pass. But they usually just red it off “todays password” to the person who need to stream to the AppleTV.

the expiration of the password was the most important part. You don’t want someone coming in another day and HiJacking a presentation.

Any ideas how I could do this with Cambium WAPs?


With cnMaestro Essentials, create a Wifi Profile. Allow guest access. Create a Guest Access Controller hotspot. Use vouchers for access - in Essentials the choice is Free Access / Voucher Access… Set the voucher for as many devices as the owner wants in the Internet cafe up to unlimited devices, enable for as mnay hours as the business is open. Owner posts today’s voucher for access - when the users log on, the get a splash page that can be completely customized. They have to enter the correct voucher code for access.

Tomorrow, use a new voucher - the old one has expired.


You’ll have to play with the Wifi Profile, WLAN’s, and Guest Access Controller, but I’m sure that you can come up with something that will work.

With cnMaestro X, you can create multiple controllers, and this process is even easier. The business owner can opt for paid access if they want as cnMaestroX has hooks to Paypal and other like services.

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Thanks DaveClelland

Will dig around.

There is cnConcierge application which is available for Android as well as IOS devices which lets you generate cnMaestro guest portal vouchers. You also get an option in the application to send that voucher to your guest client mobile number or email them. You can setup various voucher plans and based on your customer you can generate and share the vouchers for a specific plan with them on the fly. Different voucher plans can have different data rates. Let’s say you create diamond, gold, silver voucher plans and provide high, medium and low data rates and offer them to your customers. Having data rates limits also ensure that someone is not taking up all your bandwidth and creating bad experience for others on the WiFi.