Preventing ePMP Link Data Rate Degradation when using MikroTik Simple Queues

When using the MikroTik router Simple Queues functionality, it is recommended change the configured default queue type (type “default”) to type “wireless-default”. The “wireless-default” queue type is a built-in MikroTik queue type which has been tested to prevent degradation of the ePMP link data rates.

To change the default queue type to “wireless-default” in RouterOS, begin by navigating to the Queue List and edit the queue(s) used for the ePMP link. In the Simple Queue properties dialogue, navigate to the Advanced tab and select Queue Type “wireless-default”.

Next, navigate to the Total tab and select Queue Type “wireless-default”.

Click “Apply” to commit the queue changes.

For more information on MikroTik Simple Queues including CLI commands, see