PRI over backhaul?

We have a Motorola 5.7ghz backhaul (10mb) between our company’s office and the site we are trying to figure out this setup for. The customer has an Avaya phone system currently getting a PRI handoff from TDS. They want to replace the TDS connection with our backhaul for data and phone, however we have no good way to hand off to their phone system a PRI and are looking for solutions. What we want to do is something like the following:
1) Over the 5700BH hand a PRI and a DATA connection to the customer
2) Receive back on our side the DATA connection to our outgoing Cisco switch
3) Receive back the PRI and somehow convert it into VoIP to hand off to a SIP provider.

I know about the Canopy T1/E1 MUX product, but if I had one of those to connect onto the backhaul when I get the handoff back on our company side how do I connect it to a VoIP provider?

Any suggestions would be great!


If your client is purchasing VoIP from a VoIP provider than all he needs ia a VoIP box that has a PRI interface (such as the Vegastream 100). Then all you need to supply him with is an internet connection over ethernet.

There is no way thay you can send a PRI and a data conection over a 10 MBPS BH pair due to the PPS linitation that Canopy equipment has.

Might check into these, I know we have sold a couple, but have not had any feedback.