Private NAT IP's Exiting Radio

Another issue I’ve seen for a while but been unable to pin down why, is that if you assign a private network and enable NAT, that the private ip’s are exiting the radio without NAT. Native internal IP.

For example to assign (172.16.1.x/24) for the radio LAN. Customer gets, and tries to go to google. I can watch through my upstream routers trying to access google’s public ip’s.

I’ve had many such instances of this and are a pain to track down. They don’t get routed obviously upstream but I’m seeing the attempts. Sometimes it takes a firmware update to fix it but it seems to related to the “publicly accessible” radio bugs we are seeing. Seems to be firmware agnostic.

Wondering if this is related to the zuorat virus going around. Seems to be similar.

Hi @Steven_Kenney,
do you have a stable reproduce of your issue? Do you have it on the bench or in the field?
I would like to see it on remote session. Please PM me.

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