Prizm 2.0 -> 2.1

Does anyone have any experience upgrading prizm 2.0 to 2.1? I looked in the documentation, but found no mention of upgrading. If someone could point me in the right direction that would be great.

There is brief mention of upgrading in the release notes, page 53, section 4.2 item 5. I did it last week and it is pretty straightforward. The section in the release notes basically is about backing up your current database and config directory. The setup program when launched detects the currently running version and upgrades it. Relatively painless. I’ll be interested to see if you experience anything like I submitted here.

I had one little issue… Somehow a new JDBC driver got loaded. I need to adjust to the new and everything worked fine. My heart stopped at first (after the skads of frustration initially loading things), but I calmed myself down and reasoned it out.

Fortunately, I had just returned from the Prizm class (that is where I learned of the new version.)

2.1 seems the same, but it is supposed to handle 8.1 better !?


Yes, better support for 8.1. From the release notes:

Prizm Release 2.1 was designed to work properly with Canopy System Release 8.x and later. Basic monitoring, configuration, and authentication functions should work with Release 7.2.9 and later. However, these older system releases were not designed to support some of the Prizm features and element attributes that Prizm Release 2.1 introduces.

We thought it seemed faster here. I’m not a big fan of java apps, they all seem to be slow and lumbering, but I’m pleased at the speed improvement we seem to have gained with 2.1. Of course it could be all in my mind… :roll:

I just finished upgrading our Prizm server to 2.1. One issue I had was I had to repoint it to the java file - but once I did that it seems be up and running fine.

This issue I am running into now is that it seems to be having an issue polling some SMs. On one AP it wasn’t able to poll any SMs initially, after about 15mins they are starting to come back up. I checked them manually and they are all up an running fine and I am able to access them all. Anyone have any similar experiences or know what may be wrong?

After upgrade Prizm to 2.1 and devices to of my lab network,
i find a strange behaviour:

- After accept to Network if I try to assign for the first time a service plane to SM into network elements than operation complete successful
- if I try to assign to same SM a new service plan operation complete with error and into “General plan is not changed”
- if I try to modify value to SM’s service plane well associate than changes are well spread to radios

This happen with all two SMs(P9 hardware) in my lab with release 815 or 814 but not if i use 736 or 729