Prizm 2.0 SOAP Integration

Using the BAM telnet interface, it was possible to add a radio and associated authentication / bandwidth profile information prior to the radio being installed and activated. This was useful in allowing the radio to be set up in the back end before an installation crew went to the customer’s site and installed the hardware.

Is there any way to perform this function using the Prizm 2.0 SOAP interface?

Specifically I am interested and adding a network element and setting the attributes of that element before it has been connected to the network. I am able to do this through the UI, but cannot find the corresponding functions in the interface.

Thanks in advance,

Michael Herren
Systems Integration / Professional Services
Tucows, Inc

graphical interface its possible, JAVA interface.

you can set bandwidth/Vlan and give it name as well.

But is it possible using the API?