Prizm 2.1

Does any know what the procedure is for installing a secondary (backup) Prizm server? From what I recall, the license that Prizm uses is based on your machine’s mac address, does this mean I have to get another license from Moto? Or is there something else I can use for backup server?

You will have to buy licednce for cluster. It’s about $1000. In the prizm manual there is an explenation how to do it.

Ofcourse you can backup the database witout the redundancy for free.

You’ll have to provide your own database replication solution as well. Prizm will not replicate the database between servers.

I have a license on the main server, are you saying I have to buy an additional cluster license?

Yes, you must purchase a redundant server license. I think it can be found in the $800 to $900 USD range.