Prizm 2.o very fast and Prizm 3.0 very slow!!

I upgrade my Prizm 2.0 to Prizm 3.0, everything works fine but the speed of the Prizm 3.0 is very slow. I open a view with all my SM (2000 cutsomer) and it take more than 20 minutes !!!With Prizm 2.1 it takes 3 minutes.

Can anybody help me!!


Read the section 7 in the Prizm Adminstration guide about improving server performance. Maybe you can find the answer.

I read section 7 and i changed mysyl connector but nothing happend.

It is very very slow does anybody can help me PLEASE


I installed Prizm 3.0 new, the Speed is now OK. But now I have another Problem, when I open a Subscriber Modul (8.1.5 Software) per Prizm 3.0 I cannot made changes!!
With a subscriber Modul (7.3.6 Software) there is no Problem to change something on the modul.
There are errors on the prizm 3.0 with letters (ö,ä,ü).