Prizm 3.0 SMs switching to Generic SNMP elements

After upgrading to Prizm 3.0, many of our SMs are switching to Generic SNMP devices. How do we fix this?

We are having the same issue. Moto told us to increase the SNMP Timeout, but that has not fixed it yet. If we find a solutions i will post it.

What version are you running on the SMs? 7.x or 8.x? I am jsut curious because we have almost all 7.x on all our SMs and are thinking of upgrading to Prizm 3 - we are still ar 2.1. We are waiting to see what issues others run into first. :slight_smile:

Have anybody found an solutions for the Problem?

I have the same problem!!


I seem to recall reading somewhere that Prizm3 only fully supports version 8.x of the canopy software. You may want to double check the release notes and find out.

Everything on our network is at least and I am not seeing this issue.

We have upgraded to Prizm 3 with very few issues. Main point of advice is to make sure you have all your licenses upgraded before starting. We have mainly 7.2.9 and 7.3.6 elements and they survived the upgrade to Prizm 3 without any issues.