Prizm 3.3 and PMP 320 or PTP800

I want to monitor with it, how can we do that.
We have paid more than 15K for Prizm and now it should not me possible to monitor a PMP 320 or PTP 800.
Has somebody any Ideas to resolve the Problem.


Hi Platzhirsch,
Just this past week we released a new promotion for a free Prizm upgrade to Wireless Manager 3.0. In order to monitor these devices you will need to migrate to the WM3.0 platform. Please contact your reseller for the free upgrade from your current platform. The part number is RVN5285A. In the past this was a $650 US charge.

That said we will be launching Wireless Advisor in January 2012 which will be a free monitoring tool. Wireless Advisor will not allow you to manage devices or upgrade software but will give basic monitoring.



but Wireless Manager isn’t the same as Prizm.
Prizm is a full EMS for all Motorola Equipment and makes the Authentication for the SM’s too and also the Bandwithmanagment
The Wireless Manager don’t make this. So you need a Radiusserver or a Prizm-installation as BAM (Bandwith & Authentication) only.


We have a Radius for authentication :slight_smile:

We have round about 3000 SM´S and 200 Accesspoint so we need a good solution. I will hope that the WM 3.0 is good :slight_smile:


i don’t think so.

WLM is running better and faster then Prizm, but they have the same Problem as Prizm.
but this is m obinion

Bye and good luck

I asked my reseller and he told me that WM 3.0 is now free but the licenses for the nodes are not free.
Is this correct?
We have paid so much in the past, i dont understand such things :frowning:

Does Cambium need a Tester Wireless Advisior?

We have a big Network in Germany and also in the moment we are building up a big Network in Iraq.

I ´m not very happy with the Solution that we must pay now again for WM 3.0 nodes. I thing this is not customer friendly!

best regards