prizm & captive portal

Been trying to find a hotspot/walled garden/captive portal solution for our network.
I know there are plenty of commercial solutions out there and I’ve looked into a few, as well as some open source software.

The responce motorola gave me via email was to look at Tomcat/Catalina and that would work, although after a few days of looking into this, I havn’t gotten very far. Is Tomcat even capable of doing this sort of redirection and authentication? There is no documentation for using it in this situation, on apache’s website or any provided by Motorola.
I’m not a huge java servlet guru or anything, so dealing with catalina’s server.xml file doesn’t provide me with much hope without somewhere to start.

Any help would be appreciated.

Have you looked at Zeroshell?

if you wanna play with zeroshell, they have it as a virtual appliance at its simple to set up. I love VMware

I played around with Zeroshell, it’s pretty good.

MikroTik also does HotSpot authentication out of the box.