Prizm get slowww after some days up

HiI have Prizm 3.1 + Windows XP (fresh install).

When I boot-up the system, all run at great speed.
But in 4-5 days the speed of Prizm is getting slowerrrr…

Almost Windows, still really fast, but not Prizm.
So, the tipical ‘solution’ is to reboot the server.

Any suggestion for this problem?


Server Environment
* Features : Full (EMS, BAM)
* Java Version : 1.5.0_11
* Platform : x86
* Operating System: Windows XP
* OS Version: 5.1
* Server Time: 16/09/09 01:45 PM
* Up Time: 000:00:04:54
* Maximum Memory: 508M
* Total Memory: 127M
* Free Memory: 76M
* Total Threads: 109

Prizm generates a lot of logs, especially when adding new elements.
When the database fills up it gets slow.
there are procedures that prizm does regulary to take old logs from the database and store them.
check the administrator guide

How much RAM in the server itself? How many elements?

If you are using PostgreSQL you may. Need to perform a vacuuming