Prizm install, tidbits & database population.

Ok, have made the step up to Prizm. BAM never really proved its metal (particularly with accounting) so interested to see how this works.

Couple of issues I worked through (we are using RHEL ES 3.0)

Java path (to JDK not JRE) needs to be setup either with the included script or env variables, or directly edit the default_java text file.

Going through the documentation is fairly good, step by step with a lot of detail for editing the various XML config files, and installing the correct JDBC drivers.

But now, while the server tries to start ok it fails at the BAM process ->

06/09/06 14:59:32 SEVERE SYSTEM Start Server failed: Failed to startup required Prizm Service: Canopy.Prizm.BAMManager
06/09/06 14:59:32 SEVERE SYSTEM EXCEPTION: com.mot.canopy.prizm.core.InvalidConfigurationException: Failed to startup required Prizm Service: Canopy.Prizm.BAMManager
06/09/06 14:59:32 SEVERE SYSTEM Prizm Server Failed to Start. See above errors.

If I try to configure the bamconfig.xml it has particular users and a database defined, but this doesn’t appear to be populated yet in MySQL. Maybe I missed a step… the user guide says ->

8. Restart the Prizm server before you need the system to structure and populate the database.

But the Prizm server doesn’t appear to start without a populated DB?

Do I have to create a default database , eg Canopy as per XML?

<database xsi:type=“canopy:Database”>
<driver xsi:type=“xsd:string”>MySql</driver>
<dsn xsi:type=“xsd:string”>mysql</dsn>
<username xsi:type=“xsd:string”>bos_user</username>
<password xsi:type=“xsd:string”>bos_pass</password>