Has anyone had any experience with PrizmEMS as yet? I am trying to get a trialware version through my vendor (to no avail as yet). I am really keen to see what it can / cannot do for me and where it can fit into my overall management structure.



Same here. I saw the announcement, called my salesman at Tessco, and he had no idea of what it was.

PrizmEMS is concluding Beta evaluations at this time and will be available this quarter.

When the system is generally available, network operators will have the opportunity to have the system for a no-obligation evaluation limited time period. This is similar to the BAM no-obligation 30 day evaluation. We will provide information on how to get an evaluation copy of the software when PrizmEMS is available.

For more information on Prism see,

Also the replay of the PrizmEMS webinar is available in the Channel Members site.