problem align my force 200

Good day to all  community ,my names is francesco,I write to you from italy, i have a problem with my force 200, the wind has moved the antenna, i should align to find the signal, i am a private user i bought the antenna from a manager, But can not contact you, there is a tool to align the antenna to verify signal strength, even by entering a web page via ip device's address?

Hello francesco,

Welcome to the forum. If you have access to the device webpage, under Monitor->Wireless, you will see a list of APs the device is seeing and signal strength (RSSI) associated with each AP. Under Tools->eAlign, once the device is registered, it will show information of signal strength per polarity. You can use this information to align your device, trying to make each polarity see the strongest signal possible.


Thanks for the answer, I can not get into the web page, I tried with ip address of defoult but not with a negative result, to point out that I am a private user, I purchased the radio antenna from a supplier that at the moment Does not answer me to fix the problem, the wind moved the antenna and I can not align the signal, I tried with ip scanning software, the gatway provided by the tool is', the antenna is connected to A tp-link router, I tried to connect the LAN cable directly to the pc but I can not find the correct ip to go into the pagianweb, I do not know what to do again, I'm a private client who can not contact the technician Who installed the antenna I wanted to solve the problem alone

Connect a Laptop or PC directly to the LAN port on the POE adaptor.

Goto your LAN settings and set the following

IP Address:



Apply and then open up a Webbrowser and type in

This should now load the Login Page, if you do not have these you will need to contact the person who set it up or reset it.

Do you have access to the Access Point you are connecting too, if not why?

Thanks for the answer I try