Problem CNPILOT E400 - led amber

Hello, our CNPILOT E400 no longer works, the first orange warning light comes on and then goes off after several seconds in a cyclical way.

If Amber is not staying on, it's likely not properly booting.  I'd check POE and CAT5 first.  Also see if it shows any kind of an ethernet connection directly connected to your laptop.  Most likely unit is shorted out and needs replaced but first steps would be start there.

Check if you are able to ping / access the device via GUI or SSH. Open a case with support to proceed further with the troubleshooting / RMA.

Try rebooting the AP via PoE 8 times. This makes the device to boot up using secondary image when it comes up.

Yesterday evening the CNPILOT is back working. The firmware is already the last one. Yesterday afternoon didn't ping it. If the problem should happen again we will check the cable, thank you!