Problem configuring cnMaestro details on E2E controller

I am having challenges configuring cnMaestro details on the e2e controller. Its not accepting the cnMaestro details. It keeps prompting cnMaestro configuration failed. Kindly assist

Finally, I got it to work with the latest release of cnwave-e2e-controller

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Hi Abiola, Thanks for the reply.
What was the Hypervisor used to deploy the OVA before(when failed) and now?

I am using KVM for both instances

Appologies for the delay. We currently do not support KVM.

It will be great if you can test on KVM.

Hi, I am also having the same problem - which version did you install - we are using cnWave60GHz-e2e-on-premises_1.0.1-r2_amd64.ova and having the same failure issues. Can you explain how you were able to resolve?


I installed the most recent cnmaestro and e2e-controller release ova.

Yes we did that - but still get the error on e2e controller (cnMaestro works fine). Was the ova - 1.0.1-r2?

Yes, the ova was 1.0.1-r2. However, I will advise you to uninstall everything and install the most current release.

i cant connect it the v5000 to the cloud directly, but in the local server by vmware is working perfect. i need got to the cloud my devices.

Try to connect to Cloud Beta … see here: Trouble using Cloud cnMaestro with Built in E2E

thanks for your info, but I found the trouble whit that. is only add the IP address in to the device, same octet, same gateway. from the main device and repeat for the each one. no was the cloud and version. they don’t take dhcp automatic you have to put manual the address. the same thing is on anchor, standalone (on premise) or local and cloud.

Hi @leslie_gruber ,

Requesting you to please share the detailed info with the screenshots. That will help us to understand the problem and help you back.