Trouble using Cloud cnMaestro with Built in E2E

We are having trouble getting our E2E (built into the v5000) to connect to the cloud cnMaestro Essentials as shown in example two in this thread.

We get the following error:
level: error
msg: WS Connect error: websocket: bad handshake, status:401, message:SRV_UNSUPPORTED_DEVICE_MODE

We have the onboard E2E configured with a cnMaestro URL of: using our Cambium ID and Onboarding Key.

The v5000 is running software version v1.1.

cnMaestro Essentials Cloud is version 3.0.3-r18.

Please create cloud BETA account from this page cnMaestro™ to manage 60 GHz cnWave devices.
At present its only supported in cloud beta accounts.

Once 3.0.4 is released we will allow to manage in regular cloud accounts.

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Thank you for the response,

We created the BETA account and set up an Onboarding Key, however, when the v5000 E2E attempts to connect to the new cnMaestro Account ID, we still receive the same error. Looking at the logs, it still appears to be trying to connect to the same instance as before.

If we go into the BETA account under 60 GHz cnWave, click on Claim Onboard E2E, and enter the serial number, we get the following error:
Failed to claim network(s): Serial Number is owned by different user

We cannot find the device on our cnMeastro Essentials account.

Did you unclaim the serial No from your original cloud account first?

You need to delete the serialNo of V5000 from your original account and re-claim into new BETA account (screenshot below)

The screen in the image only exists on the BETA account.

As far as I can tell, the v5000 was never added to the primary account. When searching in the inventory screen by SN, it does not appear.

@Cambium_Rupam we got the same Problem here with our V5000. (Running Software 1.1)
Tried to add it to cnMaestro Cloud - got Error like @Fallsnet-NNC
Then tried to claim it within cnMaestro Beta Cembium ID - but still getting Error:

{"file":"conn.go:199","func":"agent.(*Agent).serverConnect","level":"error","msg":"WS Connect error: websocket: bad handshake, status:401, message:SRV_UNSUPPORTED_DEVICE_MODE ","name":"agent","time":"2021-08-19T18:21:54+02:00"}

When trying to claim Serial within cnMaestro Beta I get Error:

Serial Number is owned by different user

But Serial is not present in our default cnMaestro nor in Beta Version …

Any advice on this?

thank you, bye from Austria
Andreas S.

For our problem, the v5000 had been added to our normal cloud account but did not show at all in cnMaestro. So we were unable to see it or remove it.

Cambium support was able to see the owner of the device and get it removed from the normal account. After that, it went right into the BETA account.

Hope this helps.

alright - thx - guess I will write Support then … :wink:

short update on this … Support was able to help me … cnWave Devices now linked to cnMaestro Cloud Beta Version … working as expected! :wink:

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