Problem EX2028P reboot loop

there is a problem with the device 2028p
Reboot button was pressed in the web interface.
The device now reboots cyclically every 60 seconds.
the reset button does not work.
what can be done?

Best wishes

Hi, can you confirm that you pressed the physical reset button (little hole in front panel of the switch) or the reset button in the web interface? Do you have a serial console cable to connect to the switch so we can get the screenshot of the switch reboot? Thanks.

Hello, the download stops here, and starts again.
How to solve this problem?

device boot order
log booting.txt (15.3 KB)

Thanks for sharing the screenshot. It looks like the configuration in the switch’s flash memory was corrupted, which caused the switch reboot during configuration restore. Please factory default the switch by pressing the reset button (a little hole that marks ‘Reset’ on the front panel) for 10secs or longer. The switch will automatically reset. You need a sharp pin to access the reset button.

If you have a backup of the configuration running on the switch, please upload it so we can analyze the root cause.

I repeated the factory settings several times by pressing the reset button to factory settings for 15-20 seconds. this action does not work.

Hi Nikolay, did the switch reboot while you were pressing and holding the reset button for over 10secs? The button is a bit hard to access. If it doesn’t work for you, please send an email to, and we can have a quick call so I can guide you through the process.